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Our company has been dealing with grain and oilseed processing supplies since its foundation. In Hungary, we count all major grain and feed traders among our partners, and with our continuous transport services we support the Hungarian feed export and import activity, which is indispensable from the point of view of the national economy.

We strive to get to know the needs of our partners and offer them the most suitable mode of transport and type of vehicle, i.e. a cost-effective solution.



Supply of processing factories

Our company has been supplying processing factories in Hungary for 30 years. For more than three years, we have been organizing and carrying out the exclusive supply of raw materials and delivery of by-products to one of the largest processors in Central Europe. At the moment, we are continuously delivering to all processors in Hungary.



Bulk cargo transportation

The main value-creating process of our company is the transportation of bulk goods. This is helped by the 112 own Scania tractors and their large cargo space (55-60m³), GMP+FSA B4 certified, tipping platform and moving floor trailers. As the market leader in Hungary, we move around 2-2.2 million tons of goods every year. We are in continuous contact with Hungarian processing factories, feed mixers and mills, and we organize continuous export-import transports to Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Switzerland.



Additional logistics services

Bogos-Trans Kft Logisztikai szolgáltatásokBogos-Trans Kft Logisztikai szolgáltatások

Our additional services include ship unloading and loading, as well as wagon unloading and loading. In addition, with our own loader, we undertake inter-warehouse transfers, from loading to delivery.Bogos-Trans Kft Logisztikai szolgáltatások



Our location in Bonyhád-Majos

Bogos-Trans Kft Bonyhád-Majosi telephelyünkBogos-Trans Kft Bonyhád-Majosi telephelyünk

At our location in Bonyhád-Majos, we provide complex technical services for our own fleet, subcontractors and external customers.

In the technical complex, we offer a vehicle maintenance and repair workshop, tire repair workshop, air conditioning repair, technical examination (for all vehicle categories), tachograph fitting, originality inspection and manual car washing and brush truck washing services.

14 highly qualified mechanics and maintenance staff are responsible for the performance of the services.



Vehicle repair shop

Bogos-Trans Kft Járműjavító műhelyBogos-Trans Kft Járműjavító műhely

Repairs and maintenance are carried out by our highly qualified specialists at three well-equipped repair stations.

Our specialists have special professional knowledge and equipment to repair Scania type tractors, while in the case of other brands they are available for tire, brake and undercarriage repair and trans-Danubian rescue.



Truck rescue and heavy machinery transport

Bogos-Trans Kft Kamion mentés és nehézgép szállításBogos-Trans Kft Kamion mentés és nehézgép szállítás

In addition to on-site repairs, we undertake a full service of technical rescues (disembarkation, diagnostics (any vehicle), transport of heavy machinery (any assembly), spare parts procurement and repair.



Tire repair shop

Bogos-Trans Kft Gumijavító műhelyBogos-Trans Kft Gumijavító műhely

In our tire repair workshop, as a Michelin partner, we sell fitted tires at a competitive price and carry out professional tire repair.



Technical examination base

Bogos-Trans Kft Műszakivizsga bázisBogos-Trans Kft Műszakivizsga bázis

Our examination base carries out technical examinations, originality tests and tachograph matching in all vehicle categories.



Air conditioning repair

Bogos-Trans Kft Klímajavítás

In our on-site air conditioning repair workshop, we undertake air conditioning filling and repair, as well as disinfection with an ozone generator, by prior reservation.



Manual car and truck wash with brush

Bogos-Trans Kft MosóBogos-Trans Kft Kézi mosás

In our truck and car wash staffed 12 hours a day, we wash our own and external equipment six days a week.




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